Finding America: The Fresh Prince of Anacostia

About the Film

Kymone Freeman believes that everyone has a story to tell. At We Act Radio, the radio personality and activist cultivates the authentic voices of Anacostia, his historically black and underreported Washington D.C. neighborhood. Like Kymone’s hero Frederick Douglass, “The Lion of Anacostia,” the community holds strong in the face of gentrification and displacement.

About the Filmmakers

Joanie Tobin (Lead Producer) is a documentary producer and videographer. She directed and produced the Finding America video series for AIR and WORLD Channel and is currently a producer at Bustle and Elite Daily. 

Katie Davis (Lead Producer, "Anacostia Unmapped") has worked as a public radio producer, reporter and editor for 35 years. In 2015, she created and launched a new production, "Anacostia Unmapped," with AIR and WAMU in Washington, D.C.

Josh Banville (Video Editor) is a director and editor who has devoted his career to films addressing human rights issues. He is currently editing and directing his first feature documentary about the life of Clarence Jones, former attorney, speechwriter and friend of Martin Luther King Jr.

Aidan Un (Field Producer) is an independent filmmaker. Soon after arriving in Philadelphia from France in 2007 he found video as a way to discover the city and the people around him. He now creates stories and images he hopes will make people look again.

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Q&A about the Film

PBS spoke with Lead Producer Katie Davis, Field Producer Aidan Un and Video Editor Josh Banville about Kymone Freeman's passion for social justice in Finding America: The Fresh Prince of Anacostia.
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PBS: How did Kymone Freeman come to be the subject of your story?

Katie Davis: I was beginning to research the neighborhood of Anacostia. As I was walking down the main road, Martin Luther King Boulevard, I noticed a storefront labeled We Act Radio. Being a longtime lover of radio, I knew I wanted to talk to the manager. It took several calls and a few nudges from neighbors for Kymone Freeman to call me back. We met for lunch and we clicked.

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